October MeetingS

Hello PFLAG friends,

We will have two meetings in October with the same program...view "Out Late" the stories of people aged 57-71 who have finally "come out".
The first viewing will be in Urbana on October 22nd at 7:00, Messiah Lutheran Church, 1013 East Lawn Ave, Urbana

The second viewing will be in Springfield on October 23rd at 6:30 at the Springfield main library, 201 S. Fountain Ave, Springfield. There will be a sign to indicate which meeting room we will be using....and probably some rainbow colored scarves to mark the way!

Both meeting will include a peer support meeting. This is a welcoming place to share any concerns or joys. We find that we go through different experiences at different times....but there always seems to be someone who can help, or a resource at hand. We listen to each other's stories with open hearts.

At the Urbana meeting we will have our annual membership meeting. Anyone is welcome to attend that portion of the meeting, but only paid members can vote (according to our by-laws). This is also a time to see how we measure up to the goals we set a year ago, set new goals for the coming year, and elect officers.
Membership support is one of our main sources of revenue, so become a member if you are able.

See you next week,